Almohtarif Printer


We are Almoohtarf Company for printing; it is one of the printing companies which is located in Basra city. Our company obtains a good reputation and a great fame in the field of printing in a simple period of time by its customers. It gets this good reputation by providing the best quality printing services with suitable prices. Almoohtarf Company for printing is specialized in all forms and types of paper printing, seals, printing in wallpaper, flex printing, sticker and mesh and the works of modern optical advertisements. Almoohtarf Company for printing has full capacity to manufacture cans and make all kinds of promotional gifts. We can do everything needed by companies, schools, homes and business men. All of our works have got customer satisfaction, which makes them always loves to deal with us to implement what they need. We have a perfect staff that has the necessary experience to do anything that customers need with all the ingenuity and workmanship. Our works are characterized by the best materials of high quality and our prices are suitable for everyone. Be sure dear customer that once you see our works, you will be impressed with what you have received and will repeat our dealings with us again. Be assured upon all of your works with Almoohtarf Company for printing.

Our vision

Almoohtarf Company for printing follows a specific vision to spread throughout Iraq with providing the best services to all customers so that customers will receive high quality services and excellent materials in order to achieve this. We use the latest technological means in the printing works which we made it.

Our values

Our values are trust and honesty in dealings with customers, so that they will get the best works, with the best prices and we will deliver these services on time. Trust and honesty are the basis of any successful project. These two principles help us to expand to offer printing services to many areas in Iraq.

Our works

All of our works witness to the degree of our ingenuity in in all forms and types of printing. We have a lot of works that impressed all customers, and they even bought the service several times. We can do all the following works such as:-

1- We can make all kinds and forms of paper printing.

2- We are so professional to carry out all the needs of customers such as (wasalat-cartat-brochure-Menu-school Lieutenant-paper and bags).

3- We can print all kinds of wallpaper with the latest devices from HP Latex.

4- We are the only ones in Basra who are able to print on the surfaces with flatbed UV technology on glass, wood plastic, foam and pallet.

5- We can do all forms and types of seals.

6- We can make all kinds of promotional gifts for companies such as (pens-cups-flash-ram-agenda).

7- We able to make all advertisements, boxes and gifts.

8- We have the full capacity to support all promotional and advertising campaigns to achieve the desired objectives.

Our objectives

Almoohtarf Company for printing follows several objectives. It seeks all possible ways to achieve those goals in the near future, and these goals have been identified in specific points are as follows:-

1- It hopes to be the first place for clients to implement their orders.

2- We hope to obtain the full customer satisfaction from all services provided by the printing.

3- We work on upgrading the printing works to achieve all the expectations of the customers.

4- We search for the latest technological means and using them in printing.

5- We seek to expand to spread throughout Iraq.